Tesla Model 3 Design

With June just around the corner, we're inching ever closer to Tesla kicking off mass production on the highly anticipated Model 3. Barring any unforeseen developments, Tesla is still planning to begin Model 3 mass production in July, followed by deliveries to early reservation holders towards the latter half of 2017. Of course, given Tesla's track record, it wouldn't surprise anyone if the first Model 3 deliveries don't actually begin until mid-to-late December.

That notwithstanding, Tesla currently has all hands on deck as the company continues road testing Model 3 release candidates with increasing frequency. Indeed, there's a reason that we seemingly can't go a few days without new photos of a Model 3 emerging online. And while the overall design of the Model 3 is more or less locked in, the interior of the Model 3 remains something of a mystery. While Tesla showed off the Model 3 interior when it unveiled the vehicle last year, the overall design was curiously sparse, with no instrument cluster to be found.

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