Google’s AI-powered speaker, called Home, is getting new features announced earlier today during the keynote address at the company’s annual conference for developers. Soon, Home owners will be able to stream songs from Apple Music and other apps on their iPhone, iPad, Mac or Android device via Bluetooth.

And with hands-free calling, customers will be able ask Assistant on the device to place calls to mobile phones or landlines in the US or Canada for free (there’s no setup and no need for a phone or additional app).

Yet another upcoming enhancement, called visual responses, will let the smart speaker put responses to queries on a supported display, including your iPhone’s.

Visual responses

That’s right, you’ll be able to see Assistant answers on the biggest screen in your house, whether you’re asking “What’s on YouTube TV right now?” or “What’s on my calendar today?”

Getting visual responses from Home’s Assistant on a TV will be even easier with Chromecast.

Bluetooth streaming

Google is adding Bluetooth support to let Home users enjoy more music, movies and TV shows in apps on Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets and computers, like Apple Music.

Soundcloud, Deezer and Spotify’s free music offering are coming soon to Home as well. On the video front, they’ve already added Netflix, and have more partners on the way like HBO NOW, CBS All Access and HGTV.

Reminders, additional countries

Google Home is currently available in just a few select markets, but that’s about to change later this year as the device expands to new places, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany and Japan.

Last but not least, customers can use their Home speaker to schedule new calendar appointments and create reminders (support for adding reminders is coming soon). “Since it’s the same Google Assistant across devices, you’ll be able to get a reminder at home or on the go,” said the firm.

Availability, Assistant updates

Hands-free calling, adding reminders, Bluetooth streaming and visual responses will all be enabled for Google Home users in the coming months via a free firmware update.

Google Home is powered by Google Assistant (now available as a dedicated iPhone app).

Speaking of Assistant, the AI-powered helper will be rolling out to eligible Android phones in Brazilian Portuguese, French, German and Japanese. By the end of the year, Assistant will support Italian, Korean and Spanish.

The company currently has 70+ smart home partners backing Assistant across Google Home, Android phones and iPhone, including August locks, TP-Link, Honeywell, Logitech and LG.

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