One of Apple’s major suppliers Foxconn, which is a Taiwanese company that assembles Apple’s iPhones and other electronics, might be considering building a factory in the state of Wisconsin.

One of the big discussions going on with Apple, Foxconn, and Scott Walker the Governor of Wisconsin, is bringing jobs to the United States, in particular the state of Wisconsin. According to recent talks, it seems that Wisconsin officials and Foxconn are discussing the matter at present.  Michigan is also another state that was mention with the possibility of having a factory being built there as well. It’s not sure if both states will have to compete for the factory being built in their state, or if both just might have a factory built in each state. At this time detail matters have not been disclosed.

Apple is one of Foxconn’s top major retailers, the company also assembles and supplies other devices for Sony, Blackberry, and other electronic brands. At this time Foxconn only has factories located in China, the company employees about 1 million people. In the past, there has been huge controversy about Foxconn’s labor practices, as well as employees suicides at the plants where Apple devices are manufactured. Reports states that Foxconn is now “conducting an evaluation of the conditions and potential locations for establishing manufacturing facilities in the United States.”


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