Apple has listened to its consumers complaints about printing personal documents at the office. The company not only has a quick fix for the issue, but has also made a 15 second ad explaining the how the iPad and Apple Pencil can make it easier for users.

The real tweet “run to the printer to get your stuff before anyone else does.” by @ROSESplease is featured in Apple’s latest iPad Pro ad. The ad informs users that they can now email documents to their iPad and use their Apple Pencil to sign them.

Apple also released three other ads highlighting a feature the iPad Pro can do by answering a person’s concern via Twitter.

One ad focuses on the iPad Pro’s fast LTE, so user can access the internet without having to rely on Wi-Fi. In another ad, the company highlights that Microsoft Word is compatible for the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

Apple also talks about how PC viruses can be frustrating, but with the iPad Pro users won’t have to worry about malicious PC viruses. The final ad briefly talks about all the features the iPad Pro has that makes it “better than a computer” such as being faster than most laptops, its LTE, and its touchscreen.

Even though Apple is expected to unveil new iPads later this month, the company has not officially announced a March event. If you want to watch Apple’s new iPad Pro ads you can click on the link above.

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