Mophie has recently announced a new charger for the Macbook, Macbook Pro, iPad and iPhone called the USB-C XXL, that was designed to fully power all your devices to 100%, in a very short and quick time frame.

Now since this charger comes with a 19,500 mAh battery, it’s able to provide up to 14 extra hours to any of your devices no matter what size or battery capacity it has. Making it the perfect charger to have around in your house, since it’s completely universal to different gadgets that you may already have.

It was also designed with a premium fabric wrap that goes all around its body, a LED power indicator and an additional high-output USB-A port, that allows you to charge a second device at the exact same time, without having to unplug one of your devices to power another one up. Another interesting thing that the charger has, is that it also comes with a priority charging feature, which allows you to connect it to a wall adapter to recharge it, that will only power up your device first, then its own battery so both can power up without one device getting neglected.

Mophie’s new USB-C XXL charger is currently available at their official website, where you can purchase it for any iOS device for $149.95 in a single color choice of black.

Source: Mophie

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