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Motion activated under-bed LED lighting is the latest craze on Amazon

Motion Detector Lights

Fads come and go on Amazon, but sometimes you come across a craze that really is worth the hype. It might not seem like it, but under-bed lighting is a perfect example. We first told you about it two weeks ago, and it’s been one of the most popular items on the site ever since. Thousands of people have gotten in on the action, and now it’s time for you to join them. So what’s all the fuss about? It’s actually pretty simple. These little LED light strips attach to the underneath of your bed and when the room is dark, motion lights them up. This way, when you get out of bed at night, the lights cast a warm glow on the floor so you can see where you’re going without disturbing your partner. Yeah, it looks pretty awesome too, just as an added bonus.

The Emotionlite Motion Activated Bed Light is available in two different sizes so that it can accommodate any bed. Here are the highlights from the product page:

  • Smart Bed Light--- Ultra Warm White soft glow (1600K) bed light will light up automatically with Motion Activated Sensor, guide you safely across the room with no disturbing glare to wake others up and no fumbling to find the light switch in the darkness when getting out of bed.
  • Motion Sensor--- Ambient light automatic monitoring. Automatic turn on by human motion and shut off within 90 seconds after leaving. The sensing distance is around 3 Meters and sensing angle is 90°.
  • Power Saving--- The motion activated bed light only light up when it picks up your movement in the darkness and auto shut-off. It is adjustable to auto power on/off according to the ambient light level. Enough light ambient,the led light strip will not light up to improve power efficiency and save energy.
  • Multi-Application--- Not just a bed light.The 3M adhesive backing is easy to install under the bed and other place like kitchen cabinet,living room sofa,bookshelves,closets,cupboard,stairway,furniture etc.
  • Warranty Assurance--- 2 years 100% guarantee and friendly,easy to reach support.Our Bed Light will certainly give your room a distinctive professional design as well as the practicality, comfort and safety of having your floor illuminated as soon as you get out of bed.

Motion Activated Bed Light Emotionlite LED Motion Sensor Bedside Light Strip Bias Lighting Bedr…: $21.99

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Researchers find dozens of genes associated with measures of intelligence

Enlarge / A brain. (credit: Allan Ajifo)

We don't know a lot about the biological basis of our mental abilities—we can't even consistently agree on how best to test them—but a few things seem clear. One is that performance on a number of standardized tests that purport to measure intelligence tends to correlate with outcomes we'd associate with intelligence, like educational achievement. A second is that this performance seems to have a large genetic component.

But initial studies clearly indicated that the effect of any individual gene on intelligence is small. As a result, the first genetics studies found very little, since you needed to look at a large number of people in order to see these small effects. Now, a new study has combined much of the previous work and has turned up 40 new genetic regions associated with intelligence test scores. But again, the effect of any individual gene is pretty minor.

Hunting for genes

The team behind the new work took advantage of open data to pull together information from 13 different studies, which cumulatively looked through the genomes of over 78,000 individuals. While those individuals had been given a variety of tests, the authors focused on measures of general intelligence or fluid intelligence (the two seem to measure similar things). The genomes of these individuals had been scanned for single base pair differences, allowing the authors to look for correlations between regions of the genome and test scores.

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Got $4 million? You could own the bag that Neil Armstrong carried moon rocks in

lunar bag auction

Traveling to, landing on, and exploring the moon is still one of mankind's greatest accomplishments, so the historical significance of any object that joined the Apollo astronauts on their journey simply cannot be overstated. Neil Armstrong's lunar sample bag is one of those items, and it could be yours if your pockets are deep enough. 

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Decrypted: American Gods just made its heroes a lot less likable

Enlarge / Laura really has to keep those flies away now that she has become a zombie demigod avenger entity thing. (credit: Starz)

When I first watched episode 4 of American Gods, I absolutely hated it. After re-watching it and talking to Tokusatsu Network Editor-in-Chief Paula Gaetos in this week's episode of our TV podcast, I'm starting to come around. Maybe I shouldn't be so worried that our main characters are terrible people.

This podcast contains spoilers.

We talked at length about what it meant that this week's episode left Shadow and Wednesday behind and focused entirely on Shadow's dead wife, Laura. Paula loved what the show did with Laura's character. We talked about how Laura has been revealed as incredibly flawed—aimlessly depressed, apathetic, sort of a user—but, at the same time, she has a no-nonsense attitude that allows her to be brave in ways that Shadow isn't. Unlike Shadow, she completely accepts that the world is full of weird magical things and takes control of it. She even tells Anubis, the god of death, to "fuck off." That's pretty badass.

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Every new movie, TV show and special coming to Netflix in June

Netflix New Movies and Show

When it comes to Netflix streaming additions, there's no such thing as a slow month any more. Having spent billions of dollars on original content this year, new original movies, shows and specials pop up basically every week, but for those still desperate to catch up with all the content that arrived in May, June is at least marginally less packed with huge titles you can't afford to miss.

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