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Android O, Google’s response to Apple’s iOS 11, will be revealed next Monday amid solar eclipse

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Google will showcase and possibly launch the next version of Android, "Android O," on August 21 -- setting the stage for competition with Apple's iOS 11, which should come to iPhones and iPads as soon as next month.

Hands on: ScreenFlow 7 update turns the screen recording app into a video suite

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Extensive editing, titling and annotation features recently added to ScreenFlow 7 make it a serious production tool.

Apple silently kills off some colors for iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch accessories

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A variety of colors for official Apple accessories are reportedly vanishing from the company's online and retail stores, suggesting that it's phasing out some options, and/or allowing stocks to deplete before new devices arrive this fall.

Small $500 device shown to brute force hack iPhone 7 lock screen passcodes, but could take days to work

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A unique new exploit is said to take advantage of just Apple's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus running recent firmware, utilizing a small device to brute force hack and bypass the iOS lock screen passcode of up to three handsets at a time.

Movie studios may sidestep theater chains in deals for early Apple iTunes rentals

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Movie studios looking to set up early-access rentals with companies like Apple and Comcast may reportedly push ahead with those negotiations and skip revenue sharing with theater chains, if the latter don't reduce their demands.

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