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Apple CEO Tim Cook addresses Charlottesville, company to donate $2M to fight hate

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Responding to last weekend's demonstrations in Charlottesville, Va., Apple CEO Tim Cook on Wednesday sent a letter to company staff deriding hate groups, bigotry and violence, while denouncing President Donald Trump's "equivalence" of white nationalists and human rights advocates.

AT&T revives free Apple TV offer for new DirecTV Now subscribers

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AT&T on Wednesday renewed a promotional plan that offers new DirecTV Now customers a free 32GB Apple TV when they sign up for a three-month paid subscription.

Watch: iOS 11 introduces new Smart Invert viewing mode

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Apple is introducing a new Smart Invert viewing mode in iOS 11 that intelligently inverts all screen colors except for those is displayed media, such as photos, videos, and icons. The feature might be used to extend battery life on the upcoming OLED-equipped "iPhone 8."

Netflix to spend $7B on content in 2018

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Apple is reported to spend some $1 billion on original content in 2018, but the number pales in comparison to streaming leader Netflix, which anticipates to spend seven times that on its own offerings next year.

Apple disables Apple Pay for websites selling white supremacist goods

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Following recent events in Charlottesville, Va., Apple has disabled Apple Pay support for a number of websites selling apparel and other paraphernalia emblazoned with Nazi symbols and white nationalist imagery.

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