Enlarge / Here, the Three Wise Men prepare to engage in feats of strength.

Christmas day has come and gone. The cards and presents have been opened, the dinners have been eaten, the trash has been hauled, and now we settle into that weird post-Christmas week where some folks are back at work and others are still lazing around on vacation until after New Year's. Which am I? Clearly, I'm here working—somebody's got to keep the lights on here, after all.

Aside from Christmas, though, one other major holiday that's come and gone is Festivus, the secular parody holiday from the TV show Seinfeld. Traditionally celebrated on December 23, Festivus calls for (among other things) an airing of grievances—on the show, this usually just involves George's father yelling at everyone, but here at Ars we also have some stuff we want to get off our collective chest. Keeping our nose to the tech news all year long means we see and deal with a lot of trends in technology that annoy us—from stupid printers to dumb Android OEMs to just about anything else. Even though Festivus is passed, we asked the Ars staff to write down their grievances for airing anyway—because who doesn't love reading about someone else's angst?

Presented below, in alphabetical order, is the Ars Technica staff's 2016 airing of techno-grievances.

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