Apple today shared another short iPhone 6s video, this time starring actor and director Jon Favreau. In the "On the Set" video, Favreau is directing a gymnastic sequence and uses the hands-free always-on "Hey Siri" feature to ask Siri to bring up pictures of flying squirrels.

The iPhone 6s is here, and the only thing that's changed with Siri is everything. Because now you just say "Hey Siri" and Siri's there, hands-free. Which can come in handy.
Today's ad starring Jon Favreau is the latest in a series of iPhone 6s ads that have featured celebrities and sports figures like Jamie Foxx, Stephen Curry, and Bill Hader using the various features of Apple's latest flagship device.

The video also comes one day after Apple shared two other iPhone 6s ads, focusing on the Hey Siri feature and the iPhone's powerful A9 processor. All of the ads are part of a campaign that uses the tagline "The only thing that's changed is everything."

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