Apple made the urBeats headphones it gave to its employees last week just a bit more useful, as this week it has gifted each employee with a free 9-month subscription to Apple Music. iTunes chief Eddy Cue let employees know about the additional gift in a video message on Monday.

Apple Adds Apple Music Subscription to Employees' Holiday Gifts

Apple Music on the iPhone.


… Employees will receive an Apple Music promo code later this month, which will allow them to activate their free subscriptions.

The Apple Music subscription is worth $90, making a nice little Christmas surprise when combined with the $100 urBeats headphones from last week. (You can find the headphones cheaper on Amazon, especially if you’re willing to buy “Used.” EW! – Ed.)

The nine month Apple Music subscription means any Apple employee that had taken advantage of the three-month free trial subscription Apple offers for the service will get one-year of the music service for free.

Apple has a history of giving its employees gifts during the holiday season to thank them for their hard work during the previous year. Last year the company gave them an Incase Staple Backpack with the Apple logo embroidered on it. (You can get one just like it, sans the Apple logo, for $54.95 at Amazon.)

AppleCare employees received some cool swag back in 2013, but we haven’t heard anything about what they might receive this year…